Car exporting

 GOONET EXCHANGE CO., LTD. delivers well-maintained, top-quality used cars from Japan to customers around the world.
 We have shipped to over 50 countries, with sales in Asia – in particular, Hong Kong and Malaysia – making up the vast majority of our sales.
 We are also expanding our business to Africa, America, Europe and Oceania.
 The website ‘’GOONET Exchange’’ we run, you can access from all over the world and find more than 200 thousand of attractive used cars information that PROTO CORPORATION Group owns.

 The world is full of used cars that can still be driven, and there are people who seek those cars.
 Having a rich and attractive used cars database as our weapon, our principles are to contribute to society providing necessary goods and services to the world.

Company slogan:‘‘Colorful Car Life’’

Through providing Japanese valuable used cars to the world, we will make people’s lives colorful.